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We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

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Make a donation to help fund Yellow Ribbon Alliance

If you would like to make a donation to Winona County's Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Community please make out a check to Winona County. In the memo section of the check please write in "Beyond The Yellow Ribbon".

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Special Event

Winona County Veterans Van - Your new Winona County Veterans Van is here and ready for use.

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Medical Services

The providers below are enrolled TriCare providers. You can always call the providers to verify your coverage benefits and to get estimates.


  • Downtown Dental, 71 East 2nd, Winona, MN.  507-452-2850
  • Michael Flynn, 560 Debra Drive, Lewiston, MN.  507-523-2267
  • Neefe Family Dental, 1600 Gilmore Ave., Suite 200, Winona, MN.
  • Zehren Dental, 76 East 3rd Street, Winona, MN.  507-457-3333
  • Waterfront Family Dentistry, 50 West 2nd Street, Winona, MN. 
  • Winona Family Dental Care, 70 East 4th Street, Winona, MN. 
  • Walnut Street Dental, 120 Walnut Street, Winona, MN.  507-454-5854
    *Please call our office first to verify your insurance
  • River Hills Dental, 720 Hwy 61, Winona, MN.  507-452-9453
    *Please call our office first to verify your insurance
  • Midwest Dental, 931 Whitewater Ave, St. Charles, MN. 507-932-4530


  • Rohrer Center, 64 West 5th Street, Winona, MN.  507-452-3502
    Children and young adults up to age 22.  Coverage is up to $1,500 at 50% of charges.

Eye Doctor Resources

Routine eye exams, contacts and frames and lenses are not covered by TriCare coverage.  It is highly recommended that you call and request specific information from providers. Non-routine emergency care can be covered. Again it is the covered person’s responsibility to inquire with providers. Some eye care services related to a medical diagnosis are covered. For example eye care needs related to diabetes.

Pharmacy Resources

  • Parkview Pharmacy, 825 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN. 507-454-4925
  • Goltz Pharmacy, 274 East 3rd Street, Winona, MN. 507-452-2547
  • Target Pharmacy, 860 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN. 507-452-6308
  • Walgreens, 750 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN. 507-452-4076
  • Wal-Mart, 955 Frontenac Drive, Winona, MN. 507-452-0615
  • ShopKo, 405 Cottonwood Drive, Winona, MN. 507-452-1244
  • Kmart, 1122 West Hwy 61, Winona, MN. 507-454-6072
  • Brownell Drug, 403 West 4th Street, St. Charles, MN. 507-216-0718

Primary Care/Clinic Medical Resources

  • Winona Health Clinic Services, 859 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN.
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation, 457-4419
    • Dermatology,  457-7670
    • Family Medicine, 454-5050
    • Family Practice, 457-7648
    • General Surgery, 457-7670
    • Internal Medicine, 457-7622
    • Sports Medicine, 474-6600
    • Pain Management, 474-5698
    • Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine, 457-7607
    • Psychiatry/Counseling, 454-2606
    • Women’s Health, 457-7701

  • Lewiston Clinic, Winona Health, 100 Harrison Street, Lewiston, MN. 
  • Rushford Clinic, Winona Health, 109 W. Jesse Street, Rushford, MN. 
  • Urgent Care, Winona Health, 420 East Sarnia, Winona, MN. 
  • Winona Health Hospital, 855 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN. 
  • Dr. Mark Martin, Physical Medicine & Rehab, 350 E. Sarnia, Winona, MN. 
  • Olmsted Medical Center, 403 West 4th Street, St. Charles, MN.

"Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is united to bring Service members all the way home."